4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model

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Sharks are among the most fascinating creatures in the sea. Learn and have fun with this great model. This anatomy model of the great white shark is 13 inches long and contains 20 detachable organs and shark body parts and comes on a display stand. Also includes Illustrated assembly guide and description of the anatomy along with some fun Q&A to test your knowledge. Model's parts include:

--Caudal Fin
--Dorsal Fin x 2
--Gill Slits
--Vertebral Column
--Upper Jaw
--Lower Jaw
--Swimming Muscles
--Spiral Valve Intestine

While this model has a reasonable level of detail, it is intended for younger audiences, and will not satisfy those looking for an advanced model. If you are interested in something more advanced, or are not sure if this model is right for you, please contact our support team. 

Designed for children 8 years and up.